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Behind the BEACHFOX brand are two female Beach Tennis players from the Netherlands and the UK. We are extremely passionate about the power of being involved in beach sports and the female beach sports community. We have a deep desire to raise awareness and increase opportunities for women and girls to play our sports in every corner of the World.

We truly believe in the power of women empowering women and that this mindset must be embraced by all women involved in beach sports, if we are to identify, expose, challenge and overcome inequalities that exist in beach sports today so we can press forward and open up opportunities to all women and girls regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality, ability, experience or affluence.

Our ultimate vision is to start the BEACHFOX Foundation. Keep reading to find out more about this initiative.

To further understand why all sports are so important to empowering women and girls please watch the UN Women’s video below.

Our Vision


Our ultimate vision is to establish the BEACHFOX Foundation. Our Foundation will enable us to use a percentage of our revenue to go directly back into female beach sports, to help build facilities, to enable us to support teams and individuals in the form of grants, to support communities to set up school programmes, to support female beach sports coaches and administrators and to challenge global inequalities for women in Beach Sports. 

Building the BEACHFOX Foundation is going to take some time, so in the interim we commit to donating 10% of our annual profits to global charities committed to giving women and girls a voice, and supporting the mission to achieve equality and remove inequality in sport. To generate the funds to do this we have tasked ourselves with providing the highest quality clothing, accessories and beach sports equipment designed specifically with female beach sports players in mind.


We pledge to raise awareness globally of women’s beach sports

We pledge to give women who play beach sports a free platform to shine and be seen

We pledge to use our platform to perform critical research to uncover and understand where inequality exists, expose those inequalities and drive them out

We pledge to donate 10% of profits from sales on the BEACHFOX store back into women and girls beach sports projects

We pledge to shine the light on men who support women who play beach sports and recognise their role in driving out prevalent inequalities.


The BEACHFOX brand is more than just another sports brand. BEACHFOX is a mindset which seeks to empower every female that supports us to “Aspire to Inspire” other women and girls to play, to become a coach, to become referees or to become administrators and organisers of beach sports opportunities who then in turn play their part to “Aspire to Inspire”. Through wearing and using items developed for the BEACHFOX brand, this mindset can be applied to all of us in our everyday lives – on and off the beach.


Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates. You will see it is the female Beach Sports community that inspires us and gives us the drive to take our brand in this direction.


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Our recycled clothing products are made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.