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Beach Handball is a variant of Handball that is played on sand where two teams of 4 players throw pass, bounce and roll a handball inside the court boundary with the aim of scoring a goal by successfully throwing the ball into their opponent’s goal.

There are 4 players from each team on the field of play at any given time during the match plus the goalkeeper, and unlimited substitutions are allowed. A match consists of two 10 minute halves known as sets. Whichever team has scored the most points at the end of a set, takes the set. If points are even at the end of a set, then the referee starts one more play as a golden goal, where the next score takes the set. If 1 set all at the end of the match then the final set is played as a shoot out.

A player can only take three steps with the ball in her hand and cannot hold it more than three seconds without passing, throwing or bouncing. It is also not allowed to pass the ball to the goalkeeper inside the goal area.

For the full rules of Beach Handball please download the latest rules document from the IHF website 


THE court

The playing area in Beach Handball is known as the court and it consists of the game area and goal area with a boundary around it known as the sideline (length) and goal line (width). The goal area extends the width of the court and into the court by 6 metres at either end. Surrounding the boundary lines of the court is a 3m free zone. The court also has designated areas where players are permitted to enter and exit the court from during the match.

the goal

There is a goal smaller than a standard beach handball goal positioned on the centre of each goal line. It is 3m wide and 2m in height. It consists of two upright posts equidistant from each corner and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. The goals are anchored underneath the sand


The ball used in Beach Handball is slightly lighter than a regular handball and is made of non slip rubber, which ensures it’s suitable for playing with even in wet weather conditions. The outer skin of the ball is soft which makes it easy to grip.


The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

A team get points each time they score a goal, but unlike regular handball the type of goal score will determine whether the team gets 1 or 2 points.

Standard goal scored = 1 point

Spectacular goals = 2 points

Inflight goals = 2 points

Spin shot goals = 2 points

Scored by the goalkeeper = 2 points

6m throw = 2 points


Like all sports Beach Handball has its own language. Below we have a few.



This throw is made by the referees to start or resume the game after an interruption of play caused by any reason during a handball match. 



It is a way of putting the shot, in order to score a goal, by jumping above the floor towards the goal. It is done without touching the d-line.



Spin shot is a spectacular throw that brings 2 points and is performed in combination with a 360 degree jump. A shot taken with full turn of body in the air.



The player who scored a goal was in the air with both feet off the sand and had the ball under control when it was thrown and scored

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