Run, tackle, try


Beach Rugby (also known as Beach Fives) is a variant of Rugby Union but as the name suggests this variant is played on sand.

Two teams of 5 players each compete to accrue the most points during the match by carrying the ball across the field of play and placing it down in the opposing teams touch line, called a “Try”.  A team can have 7 replacements. A match has two 5 minute halves with a 1 to 3 minute break at half time. 

Unlike the regular game there are no line-outs and no scrums. Whilst rules can vary by league or tournament, a try is usually worth 1 or 2 points, there is no conversion kick after a try as there are no posts.


THE pitch

The playing area in Beach Rugby is known as the pitch and it consists of a large central infield area and two opposing end goal areas where a try is scored.


The ball used in Beach Rugby is a standard size 4 rugby union ball. It is oval in shape made from synthetic leather and has a dimpled surface which aids gripping.


The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Running with the ball, and passing the ball backwards/laterally, players advance the ball up the pitch and a team get 1 point each time they score a try.

A try is scored by a player placing the ball into the opposing teams goal area.

Kicking the ball is not allowed.


The defending team work to gain possession of the ball mainly through a tackle. In a tackle the defending player has to attempt to wrap their arms around the player being tackled to complete the tackle.​

A tackle is complete when the player in possession is held on the ground. The tackled player then has 2 seconds to release the ball by passing it or leaving it for anyone to take possession of.

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