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Beach Tennis School

BTS is a Beach Tennis SCHOOL born in 2009 from the “crazy” and far-sighted mind of Paolo Tazzari, former professional player and multiple Italian, European and world champion.

Promotion and growth of sport, training of professional players, technical improvement of students: these are the ideas from which the School's projects develop.

BTS is a unique reality in the Beach Tennis sector, three are the key points that define the excellence and exclusivity of the School:

• BTS method.
• Student care.
• The franchising project.

The BTS Method is the result of in-depth scientific research in the sports sector in general and in the Beach Tennis sector in particular, a research that led to the development of a BTS Manual of about 200 pages.

The heart of the School is teaching combined with student care. To best meet the needs of its customers, BTS has developed:

• A management system capable of organizing the lessons and allowing the teachers to discuss the learning status of the students.
• A portal dedicated exclusively to students, able to offer various opportunities, including being able to view the fundamental aspects of the teaching program of the lessons carried out and future ones, being able to read any personal technical indications written by the Master and being able to communicate directly with the Head of the their headquarters.

In order to spread its teaching system, the School has developed a franchising project, a project according to which each location that intends to make use of the know-how of BTS must respect certain qualitative and organizational standards. The result is a series of offices, in Italy and abroad, which collaborate and follow the same educational programs and which meet every year to discuss new projects.


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