“As a child it was my
favourite playground, now
the beach is my gym AND
my home”.
Co-founder Beachfox, M.

What started as a lockdown idea has evolved into the creation of a community of female beach sports lovers around the world. From the French Beaches, where it all started for us, to the coastlines of Aruba, Europe and Brazil to our base on the South Coast of the UK.

We know there are many women like us who are active in Beach & Ocean Sports. From Beach Volleyball to Running or Yoga on the beach to Swimming, Beach Tennis, Beach Soccer, Beach Rugby, Beach Handball and Beach Netball. So many sports and so little is heard about them. We both missed a place that is focused on women in beach sports.

We are on a mission to empower and support women through the medium of beach sports.We connect you with new beach sports and put women in beach sports on the global sporting map. 

We will do this by sharing our love for beach sports through YOU, all the BEACHFOXES around the world, and spread the word to encourage new women and girls to get involved.

“Surfing and Beach
Volleyball are amazing
and massively popular
Olympic Sports. We are on 
a mission to raise the visibility 
and opportunities that exist
for women and girls to become 
active in any beach sport they 
like, and at the same time 
increasing visibility on the
world stage.
Co-founder  BEACHFOX, T.

So, we welcome and encourage women of all ages and abilities across the world to share their love for the beach, beach sports and ocean activities, and we are on a mission to throw the spotlight on the women involved, be a news source and the go to free image repository for women involved in the delivery and participation of beach sports around the world.

We are building the biggest community of empowered BEACHFOXES, celebrating each other successes and supporting each other’s efforts.Play your part, and sign up to become a BEACHFOX today. 

You automatically become an ambassador and help us shine a light on women in beach sports across the UK and around the world. Invite your friends into the tribe and whatever you do, make new BEACHFOX friends next time you're at the beach.